Allowed me to excel in high school athletics

By March 29, 2016Testimonials

I cannot say enough about Xceleration and how much John and his staff did for me and my athletic career. I started training with John at Xceleration when I was 14 and from that point we continued to work together all the way through college. John’s training program allowed me to excel in high school athletics and as a result earn a lacrosse scholarship to the University of Virginia. Hi sprogram made me bigger, faster, and stronger and most off mentally tougher than most athletes I competed against which allowed me to perform my very best on the field. His training methods more than prepared me for college, as I found workouts at Virginia to be much easier and less specialized than the workouts John and his staff gave me at Xceleration. As a result of my training at Xceleration I was able to easily make the transition from high school to college and compete at the division I level as a freshman and receive significant playing time early in my career.

What really sets the Xceleration program apart from the rest was the staff’s ability to help me deal with various injuries I was unable to overcome before. These guys are a wealth of knowledge in regards to rehabilitation as well as injury reduction. I credit the program to keeping me in one piece during high school and college. Xceleration became a second home to me and allowed me to enjoy training with other athletes like myself. We all grew up together at Xceleration. I can’t begin to describe how much John and his program have impacted my life. The Xceleration program without a doubt was the most important aspect of my athletic career and I credit it with making me the college athlete I became.

Max Pomper, University of Virginia 2010

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